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Special Needs Helping Students With

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Best practices that help students with learning disabilities consistently focus on early intervention not only for educational benefit, but also because early intervention promotes greater social skills ability and development among children (Wong & Donahue, 2002). The sooner a child is integrated into the mainstream system and learns to "cope" with any perceived "deficits" the more likely they are to build healthy and long-lasting friendships that will help them as they age to become contributing members of society (Wong & Donahue, p. 93).

Personnel Implementing Plan

The key school personnel to implement this plan include the parents of the student, who must reinforce the actions taken by educational authorities to enhance student learning; the teacher of the student, who must be aware of what a student's needs are, and of special educational resources, so he or she may integrate the two curriculum's without disturbing any student's learning; and administrators, who…… [Read More]

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Special Needs Paraprofessional Supervisor Inclusion

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Suter, J., & M. Giangreco. (2009). Numbers that count: Exploring special education and paraprofessional service delivery in inclusion-oriented schools. The Journal of Special

Education, 43(2), 81-93. Retrieved September 3, 2009, from Research Library.

(Document ID: 1785064241).

This study of paraprofessionals in special education programs notes how paraprofessionals often provide the bulk of student services, given the overburdened nature of the special education system. The authors raise their concerns that paraprofessionals are not fully qualified to give a comprehensive education to students with disabilities. There is a lack of certified teachers in the discipline of special education. This remains problematic, even though paraprofessionals often do interact with their students on a one-to-one basis.


Koralek, D. (2009). Supporting all kinds of learners. YC Young Children, 64(2), 10-11.

Retrieved September 3, 2009, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document ID: 1673585101).

The author suggests that before a student with special needs joins a mainstream…… [Read More]

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Special Ed Successful Collaboration in

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But with the increased importance of state standards in measuring student and school performance, it is crucial that the student's educators be mindful of the most appropriate methods of measuring the child's compliance and that the general educators and special educators increase their collaboration to meet these new challenges. For some special needs students, "alternate assessments were developed and implemented...In 2003, most...states used a portfolio or body of evidence approach in their alternate assessments for students with significant cognitive disabilities" (Thompson & Thurlow, 2003) States have also been evolving other methods for students with different types of disabilities to take such exams, including computer-based tests or with modifications, such as being allowed to take lower-level assessments.

Remember, however, that regardless of modifications most students receiving special are required by federal law to access and progress in the general education curriculum, which is aligned with a state's academic content standards and…… [Read More]

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Special Needs Transition Intervening to Place Children

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Special Needs Transition

Intervening to place children towards their appropriate levels of schooling is very important and requires certain and descriptive analysis. As a result of these changes, coping mechanisms are developed for the children that present new and different challenges for the both the educators and the parents and family of the child in question. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the factors involved that would promote or hamper a successful transition dealing with a child who has been learning in a center-based program to a more advanced program within an inclusion kindergarten program. I will additionally explore what factors are necessary for the likelihood of successful adjustment within the changing scenario.

Dunlap (2009) highlighted the legal necessities of a such a transition. He noted " transitions often involve major changes in routines. Federal laws ( in particular, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act [ IDEA]) mandate…… [Read More]

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Special Ed Learning Disabilities Chart

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Specifically, the parents want their son's teachers to help him not only learn, but to be able to receive instruction from others. So far, they are fairly pleased with the progress that they have seen their son make in the classroom, but wish the teachers could develop more large-group activities and take the time to really make sure their son was a full participant, which they feel would help him to progress socially more than the often individualized instruction he receives.

The difficulty, they acknowledge, is that individualized instruction is how he learns best, and with a class the size of his they understand that the teachers couldn't focus their attention on him during a large group project. Still, they are hopeful that new ideas might come up that will improve his situation even more, and they continue to work closely with the teachers regarding his progress.


LDA. (209).…… [Read More]

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Education Multiculturalism in Education Creating

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A group that is, by its very nature, mentally defective, will also easily be viewed as incapable of supporting itself without help - a strain on the larger society. In terms of modern day American society, this could be seen as declaring that African-Americans, and other similarly impoverished and marginalized groups, are likely to remain forever within the care of the social welfare system. Believers in such ideas might easily raise the question - why bother with caring for these people at all? More to the point; however, is the question of whether there is really anything wrong with most of these individuals at all? Clearly, a large part of their "mental disabilities" derive from internal and external assumptions about what it means to be African-American, or a member of some similarly tagged minority group. A multicultural approach to the educational process helps to guarantee that all individuals are ranked…… [Read More]

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Special Cultural Inequities for Special

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Doyle ( 2003) states that the educator has an obligation to identify and provide adequate attention to those with special needs and at the same time not deal with these children in a prejudicial way.

Doyle uses the example of students who may have autism, which is a disorder related to special learning need. In order to reduce the possibility of any bias and prejudice the following steps are advised, among others.

It is of the utmost importance to identify and support students in the autism spectrum and students with other special learning needs as early as possible. Do not allow children who may have special needs to go from one grade to another without a professional team assessing the student for eligibility for services and supports. "Waiting" is NOT an effective, educational practice. Although the process of referral can be cumbersome, it is well worth it when it identifies…… [Read More]

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Special Needs Students High Stakes

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While some suggest that high-stakes testing is an inadequate way of measuring the academic achievement and learning of most students, many also agree that high-stakes testing has severe disadvantages for special education students. Kymes points out that high-stakes testing may be a discriminatory assessment method for special needs students, placing an "unfair burden" on these students. The scholar argues that testing plans cannot be created for each and every student, and even when they can, these testing plans are not always put into practice (Kymes). In addition, Ralabate notes the importance of finding alternate testing methods that allow students with disabilities to perform to their highest ability.

Determining that high-stakes testing is not a correct method of assessment for special needs students, however, is just half of the task at hand. In fact, significant information exists to argue that students with disabilities, in addition to schools, can be seriously harmed…… [Read More]

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Education Policy

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Education Policy

Reading First is a new grant program proposed by President Bush and endorse as part of the 2001 reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The new program is part of Title I Part B, along with the Reading First program, which is focused on students in kindergarten through third grade.

Reading First provides competitive grants directly to the local level to improve the reading readiness of preschool age children. The funds are targeted to communities with high awareness of low-income families and communities in which there are high numbers of children not reading at grade level. The grants will be used to support the development of pre-reading development (including oral language skills) and professional development for teachers in research-based instructional approach. The program will support staff and children in child care, Head Start, school-based and family literacy settings.

Evidence has been gathered for a number of…… [Read More]

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Education Literature Review Whenever the Disturbing News

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Education Literature Review

Whenever the disturbing news of yet another school shooting shatters the adolescence of innocent teenagers, the national media, concerned parents and strained educators alike once again focus their collective attention on the epidemic of bullying which is crippling American schools. In the wake of the Columbine High School massacre which claimed 13 lives and the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings that killed 32 students and faculty, recent tragedies like that which occurred at Sandy Hook elementary bring the consequences of rampant bullying in schools back to the forefront of the national consciousness. Although the loss of life associated with these terrible incidents, and the erosion of self-confidence that results from unchecked bullying, are tragedies that cause society to collectively mourn, it is possible that the diminished safety of our nation's schools has also reduced the ability of modern students to achieve academic excellence. While a causal link between…… [Read More]

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Education for Hispanic Students in

Words: 1774 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66130596


3. Hispanic, White Communities Forge Ties in Alabama (2003) a UA Center for Public Television and Radi9o Production. Online available at:

4. McDade, Sharon a. (2002) Definition of a Case Study. Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning - North Carolina State. Online available at http://www.ncsu.Edu/fctl/Programs/Instructional- Development/Teaching _Materials / CaseStudies/Materials / Case studyDefintion.pdf# search =%22 CASE%20STUDY % 3A%20DEFINIT ION%20OF %22.

5. UAB Wins $389,000 in Grants to Help Teachers Educate Non-English Speaking Children (2001) UAB Media Relations. 27 Nov 2001. Online available at http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=46333.

6. English Language Development and Multicultural Education (2005) University of Alabama. Berkeley University Online available at http://crede.berkeley.edu/tools/directory2-1/PDF/esl.pdf#search=%22Alabama%3A%20Elementary%20ESL%20SERVICES%22.

7. English as a Second Language (ESL) (2004) Baldwin County Public Schools; Bay Minette, Alabama. Online available at http://www.bcbe.org/Default.asp?DivisionID='824'&DepartmentID='958'.

8. UAB Wins $389,000 in Grants to Help Teachers Educate Non-English Speaking Children (2001) UAB Media Relations. 27 Nov 2001. Online available at http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=46333.

9. Alabama (2006) KYTESOL Newsletter Vol.…… [Read More]

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Education Over the Last Several

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Think about a change you would like to see in your educational or work environment. How would you implement this change? Consider and discuss the possible resistance that you may encounter from your professional community. How would you support them throughout the change process? How would you overcome any resistance to the change?

A change that can be implemented inside an educational environment is to unify the approach educators are using in reaching out to students. What normally happens is most teachers have different theories and practices they are following. This can be problematic as some of the most experience educators may be reluctant to alter their techniques. Instead, they will often focus on formats (such as: the traditional lecture setting) to present news ideas to students. This is problematic, as the class will quickly become bored with the dry approach that is being utilized. To deal with these issues…… [Read More]

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Education Budget Cuts Education Is

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The state cannot allocate funding that is simply not available.

This is also manifest in the funding allocated to the community college system in the state, which would be reduced by $400 million. Leaders from the three higher education systems in the state are, however, particularly unhappy by the cuts, holding that current trends demand a growth rather than a cut in higher education.

Importantly from the government's point-of-view, all funding recipients across the country have faced a reduction in grants from the government. In the current economic climate, it is simply not possible to provide all industries and funding recipients with the funding they were hoping for. Education, however, is an issues of extreme importance for students and family alike, as demonstrated by the thousands who protested against yet further funding cuts and tuition increases across the Californian state (McKinley, 2010).

According to McKinley (2010), the protest was referred…… [Read More]

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Education -- Cooperative Learning Cooperative

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The obvious implication is that the pairing of hands-on, inquiry-based active-learning teaching methods with cooperative learning holds tremendous potential for improved learning and social development of grade school students. Naturally, that would be an appropriate and likely productive area for future research in the area of effective teaching methodologies.


Cooperative learning has demonstrated tremendous beneficial potential as a modern educational method capable of increasing learning. Evidence also strongly suggests that cooperative learning is an equally valuable tool for increasing the educational value of academic programs for mildly disabled student populations, as well as for their integration into the mainstream student population. Beyond academic achievement, cooperative learning seems to benefit students emotionally and in terms of their development of communications and cooperation skills. Ultimately, its greatest value may be in conjunction with the more general shift toward active learning instead of the traditional focus on passive learning that has long…… [Read More]

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Education NAEYC Accreditation What Is

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The idea of developmentally appropriate practices was made popular by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) when the published their Position Statement on Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Programs in 1987. NAEYC developed this position statement in order to support its early childhood program accreditation system, which recognizes and sanctions programs that offer appropriate early childhood practices. Because of this system, early childhood educators can have a clear idea of suitable early childhood practices. This way they might not use inappropriate developmental and academic expectations to prepare children for public school kindergarten programs (Houser and Osborne, n.d.).

Having regulations such as the CA State licensing Regulations, Title 22, helps to make sure that all of the fundamental elements of DAP and NAYEC are in place and are supporting the early childhood programs philosophies. These regulations are needed in order to make sure that quality…… [Read More]

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Education and Why From the

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(Galston) All in all, it is clear that your social statute is a strong factor of influence when concerning the level of education that you receive.

In some isolate cases, people can actually improve the efficiency of their educational systems. It is absolutely necessary for an educational institute to have virtuous directors in order for its students to become well educated. An academic curriculum would surely be benefic for the young minds waiting to be taught. A solution for the U.S. educational system to be efficient regardless of people's backgrounds would be for the government to attempt to pay equal attention to all people. Also, the government needs to create better educational programs for all students to enjoy the same level of education.

One of the biggest mistakes made by a normal institution is to believe that in order for a certain problem to be solved, one would need to…… [Read More]

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Education Law Suits Across the

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The parents, O'Connor wrote today, "in effect ask this Court to assume that every IEP is invalid until the school district demonstrates that it is not. The Act does not support this conclusion.... The burden of proof in an administrative hearing challenging an IEP is properly placed upon the party seeking relief (Barbash, 2005)."


In each case, the court sided with the district. Special education laws are designed to protect students with disabilities however, courts are also mindful of providing a blanket weapon against districts that are acting in good faith to provide those mandated services.


By Fred Barbash and Lori Aratani



United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

Richmond Division http://www.wrightslaw.com/law/caselaw/06/henrico.va.rt.htm

High Court Rules Against Parents in Maryland Special Education Case

By Fred Barbash and Lori Aratani

Washington Post

http://www.aapd-dc.org/News/education/Md_speced.htm… [Read More]

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Education Canada Option B Progressive

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" (Montessori, 9) There is a counter-intuitive disconnect between the priorities of the educational system and the real-life demands of individuals attempting to function ably therein.

Here, Montessori speaks to the incredible irony present even in higher education, where students are essentially intended to be prepared for the real world but are instead isolated in a false environment where priorities such as a streamlined means of graded evaluation, a disregard for the physical or emotional needs of students and an overall proclivity toward isolation from true conditions of worldly socialization tend to misappropriate crucial transitional learning years.

In some regards, Montessori's work is relatively outdated, betraying its origins in the first half of the 20th century by criticizing an absence of services that are now present in many universities. Some of the better funded academic institutions do possess programs availing medical treatment and psychological counseling to students where needed at…… [Read More]

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Education Is That of Special

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The IEP partnership of parent and student teacher was based upon a real program in Florida between special education teachers and parents, and the simulated meetings were monitored by the future special education teachers' instructors.

Statement of research problem

What is the value of adding a case-based Family as Faculty activity to a special education teaching degree program?

Underlying theoretical models

The model of this case-based approach was a case study, by definition, or a simulation of an IEP meeting.

Summarize the conceptual basis of the research study

Simulated case meetings can better help teachers prepare themselves for teaching in the 'real world' in a way that acknowledges the important contribution of families in designing IEPs, and simulating these models and asking questions of both participants afterwards is a good measure of this pedagogical model's efficacy.

Description of research procedures

22 special education teachers, 16 general educators, 51 full-time undergraduate…… [Read More]

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Education Report to Congress Person

Words: 3813 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2919614

Hernando County and NCLB: Mandate for Drastic Change

The Hon. Ginny Brown-Waite

North Main Street


Hernando County's Current NCLB Situation

The Hernando County Situation in a Larger Context

National Commentary on NCLB

2004 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report -District Level, Hernando

1004 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Report, Hernando

FCAT Grades and AYP Status, Hernando County Schools

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act has stamped modern American education with the mark of mediocrity. In mandating that all school districts in the nation live up to a set of standards or lose important Title 1 funding for their disadvantaged schools, and by imposing sanctions that are draconian in their effects, the federal government is imposing the will of Congress on the choices of parents. In addition, the dissonant requirement that states set their own standards creates disparity of a magnitude unimaginable before the federal government decided to intrude into this…… [Read More]

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Education Reform Redux in New York

Words: 668 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 45103382

Governor Cuomo and Education Policy

Governor Cuomo strongly supports the establishment of a statewide teacher evaluation system. New York is following the robust example of states like Kentucky that have put teacher evaluation systems in place, and will soon to add principle evaluation systems. Borrowing phraseology from the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education ruling, Cuomo recently asserted that public schools are failing so badly that "the great equalizer that was supposed to be the public education system can now be the great discriminator." Cuomo is putting money where his mouth is since the evaluation system is the key to school districts being able to access an increase in state education aid that has been scheduled. Cuomo has been pressuring the teachers' union and schools in New York City to implement the new standards approved by the State Legislature, including the use of an instructional framework that stipulates criteria for…… [Read More]

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Education to the Gifted in

Words: 1777 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: 'Introduction' chapter Paper #: 61769235

The sample will be drawn from a single school in large urban district. By framing the study this way, researchers understand that findings may produce insights into the way this subject is addressed in some school settings. However, this will lack external validity within the frame of only a single sample school.

The primary delimitation is shaped by the selected grade levels for review and by the teacher population which will drive the focus of the study. Accordingly, the methodology will center on an interview of teachers who preside over grades 6 through 8 in the selected school. The expected sample population is comprised of 11 participants, who will answer questions regarding the identification, labeling and education of students who are talented and gifted.


The study proceeds from the assumption that instructors have addressed the questions presented to them with clarity and honesty. The research is also carried by…… [Read More]

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Education and Gender Inequality

Words: 3250 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36185144

Gender Issues in Education Today

The objective of this study is to examine gender issues in education today and to discuss its impacts or potential impacts on individuals and society. This study will examine how this issue has been addressed by philanthropy, charitable organizations, and governments.

Initial examination of the gender gap in education appears to show that women are on the receiving end of less education to prepare them for life however; there are new reports stating that male students are falling behind their female counterparts in school and that females are outperforming males in the educational setting. For example, the work of Whitmire (2010) states that the debate surrounding "gender and schooling have taken a surprising turn in the past decade. After years of concern that girls were being shortchanged in male-dominated schools, especially in math and science, there has grown a rising chorus of voices worrying about…… [Read More]

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Education Social Promotion and Learning Disorders

Words: 392 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49162165

urban elementary school in Eastern, New York . That problem

Specifically, is the social promotion of fourth grade students with disabilities. Currently, nothing is being done to address the issue as social promotion which is supported by state education policies that benefit from children being passed to the next grade level. This benefit consists essentially of state and federal funding (Meier et al., 2004, p.8). Special education teachers are tasked with teaching students who have not mastered basic skills.

Meier, D. et al. (2004). Many Children Left Behind: How the No Child Left Behind Act

is Damaging Our Children and Our Schools. Boston: Beacon Press.

Line five

There is a gap in practice regarding the effects of social promotion regarding teachers and students, as the concept remains controversial (Frey, 2005).

Frey, N. (2005). Retention, social promotion, and academic redshirting. Remedial and Special Education, 26(6): 332-346.

Line seven

There is a…… [Read More]

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Education and the Need for Teacher Autonomy

Words: 840 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88642497

Social Promotion on Young Students With Learning Disabilities

Public school systems in the United States have been damaged by policies adopted by the Department of Education in recent years. For instance, "The No Child Left Behind Act" (NCLB) has been responsible for moving the school system away from allowing teachers to teach (and by extension allowing children to learn and possibly discover their hidden talents, gifts, and greatest potentials). The No Child Left Behind Act has been in effect since 2001 and what it has instituted is a teach-for-the-test mentality, as so many schools are dependent upon funding that is tied to testing performance rather than to quality of education. In addition, teachers are held accountable when students do not meet adequate yearly progress (AYP) in terms of meeting grade proficiency levels. Students who are not promoted may be psychologically/emotionally damaged as a result. This study intends to scientifically investigate…… [Read More]

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Testing Students With Special Needs

Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29112964

Special Needs Assessment: A Review of Recent Literature on Testing Students with Special Needs

One of the most difficult and controversial issues in education today is the question of identifying, testing and educating students with potential special needs and different learning styles. On one hand, individuals within the system of education wish to be inclusive in nature. They do not wish to label students permanently to the detriment of their educational advancement. However, ignoring the special challenges some students face can be just as detrimental as tracking students too early into a special education niche. Furthermore, the increased demand for testing students of all levels of innate ability to verify the competency of individual instructors and the performance of students within particular districts on the whole means that the issue of testing students with special needs is unlikely to go away soon. It is a problem that all educators must…… [Read More]

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Parenting Styles and How it Effects Students in Special Education

Words: 1981 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92512400

Adopting Special Needs Children

When it comes to adoption, parenting styles for special needs children is really no different. There are hundreds and thousands of children that are currently living in the foster care system that are put into the group of "Special Needs" waiting for a household to support and love them. The word special need promptly brings to mind the idea of a child with inability, in adoption terms the word includes a larger sense. The word special needs relating to adoption basically is saying that a child that is hard to place by the state adoption agencies or adoption unit. Most of these children do not have much health or temperament issues; they are just measured "hard to position" by a lot of adoption organizations. The choices of ages for children that are in this group are from babies all the way up to the age of…… [Read More]

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Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities Education

Words: 999 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22146832

Education: Teaching Math to Students With Disabilities

Working with students with disabilities (SWD) can be quite challenging, especially for teachers working on a full-time basis. Almost every classroom today has one or more students dealing with either an emotional, educational, or physical disability; and teachers are likely to find themselves looking for resources or information that would enable them teach all their students in the most effective way. There are numerous special-education websites from which teachers and instructors can obtain information or lessons on teaching their respective subjects. Five websites available to the math special education teacher have been discussed in the subsequent sections of this text.

Teacher Resources

Teachers Helping Teachers: http://www.pacificnet.net/~mandel/

This online resource provides teaching information for all teachers, with a 'Special Education' segment that provides a number of activities meant specifically for instilling basic conceptual skills in learners with special needs. The activities are submitted by…… [Read More]

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Communicating With Parents and Team Members for Special Education Students

Words: 594 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43158253

Early Childhood

As Service Coordinator, my role is to explain the IFSP and the IEP and serve as liaison with other people and agencies who are part of the child's plan. The screening process looks at cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and communication development to identify strengths and weaknesses upon which the plans can be put together. Parents' questions could include time frame for the program, expected results, prognosis for success in school, and alternatives if the program does not seem to be producing desired results.

In Massachusetts, two agencies that assist children with developmental delays and their families are the Department of Education and the Head Start Program. The Head Start Program assists with early detection and diagnosis; the Department of Education has a tiered support system once children reach school age. Diagnostic testing includes observation, interviewing, and drawn responses. In speaking with parents, it is wise to show results…… [Read More]

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The Influence of Parental Awareness Individualized Education Plan

Words: 1525 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53385327

Special Education

Influence of Parental Awareness on Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

In the period preceding 1975, the students with disabilities did not have sufficient access to education and often received education that was inappropriate for them, Huang (2013). However, hope began to rise in the 70s when advocacy organizations and parents with children with disabilities went round pressurizing governments and even taking them to court over what they referred to as neglect of children with disabilities and provision of inappropriate education and violation of the rights provided to such children by the U.S. constitution. There was a name change of the Education of All Handicapped Children Act to Individuals with Disabilities Education Act also referred to as IDEA.

IDEA is responsible for providing children with disabilities appropriate education and other services that are in line with their specific needs, including facilitating their education in public schools. IDEA recognized the role…… [Read More]

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Education in the Wake of the Recent

Words: 2541 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16069683


In the wake of the recent globalization, education has emerged as one of the most necessary tools for the field. For globalization to be realized on a large scale, the public has to be well conversant in matters concerning education. However, this has come to pass just a mirage, owing to the poor standards of education amongst some sectors of the public. Immigrants have suffered the most, and it is worth to note that most of them are subject to poor conditions of education. In fact, some of them do not receive any education at all. In his book, Rose asserts that the immigrants were struggling in learning the English language as a second language which was necessary in order for them to improve their lifestyles. In his book he wrote on how a boy saw another being hacked to death and now he is not able to learn…… [Read More]

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Education Plan Academic Goal Establishment and Implementation

Words: 846 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90921330

Education Plan

Academic Goal Establishment and Implementation

Establishing a clear and common academic goal across a broad population of students can be quite difficult, especially when there are students with special learning needs included at all levels of academic achievement and progress within the student population. Educators and administrators need to ensure that courses and materials aren't simply "taught to the middle," which does a significant disservice to those students both above and below grade level and skill when it comes to specific areas of learning. That is, teaching only to the established criteria of a grade level, which (assuming the criteria have been properly established) should serve the needs of the largest segment of the student population, means students that are more advanced in their progress and those that are struggling with the material receive a lower quality of education and reduced opportunities for personal growth and development. Academic…… [Read More]

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Education Disparity in America

Words: 2026 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82776642

Education Disparity in America:

Education has traditionally been regarded as a great equalizer in the United States because of its capability to lift less disadvantaged children and enhancing their probability to succeed as adults. As a great equalizer of conditions in the society, education has been regarded as the balance wheel of America's social machinery. Since the establishment of the first public school in the United States, there has been widespread belief that education would enable children of any class to have a chance of succeeding in life. However, trends in the recent past have indicated the emergence of education disparity between rich and poor children. These trends have been particularly been prevalent in funding between school districts. For instance, Massachusetts, America's best-educated state, has experienced the second-biggest inequality in the past two decades because the poor are losing academic strengths to the rich.

Reason the Problem:

Even though the…… [Read More]

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Education and Sociology Over the Last Several

Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25578788

Education and Sociology

Over the last several years, the education system has been continually facing a variety of challenges. This is because many schools are lagging behind in academic achievement in comparison with most developed nations. To make matters worse, teachers are not creating an environment that will help students to learn the social skills they need to survive inside the society and the workplace. This makes it harder for them to adapt with various challenges they are facing and how to adjust with them. (Gerwitz)

As a result, sociology plays an important part in determining the quality of education everyone is receiving and the skills they will need to be successful over the long-term. To fully understand the significance of these concepts requires focusing on how this field of study will have a direct impact upon the way students learn and understand the world around them. This will be…… [Read More]

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Education Description of Education Education Is the

Words: 891 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83865874


Description of education

Education is the learning and experience that impacts every individual in one way or the other. In fact, better education paves the way for better economic opportunities and this is one of the key areas that results in economic disparities in the society.

Education as a field of sociology is about understanding how different aspects such as public institutions, parental role, society and environment affect the learning abilities of individuals. It concentrates heavily on the role of schools and universities in the modern society (Ballantine & Hammack, 2011).

Education in the field of sociology

In sociology, education is viewed as a means towards better social equality and to overcome many social evils such as poverty. In that context, education is the path for acquiring social status and money. It is also seen as an area where the individual differences in terms of learning abilities is evident.…… [Read More]

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Education in Third World Countries

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The State of Education in Third World Countries

Third World countries, by definition, include the poorest and the most underdeveloped. Most of them, therefore, are severely lacking in most development indicators including education and literacy levels. So even though, it is now universally recognized that education is the most cost-effective factor in improving the quality of life, both at the individual and at the collective level, millions of people in poor, third world countries still do not have access to even basic, primary education.

The Education for All (EFA) Initiative: Realizing the need for a comprehensive international program to help achieve the goals of extending the benefits of education "to every citizen in every society" the international community made an important commitment called Education for All (EFA) in Jomtien, Thailand in 1990. In response to slow progress over the decade, the commitment was reaffirmed in Dakar, Senegal in April…… [Read More]

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Education in the Community a Major Issue

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Education in the Community

A major issue currently effecting culture, population, and demographics is that of wealth inequality. As the global economic downturn continues throughout the world, wealth disparity is increasing rapidly. This affects culture, population, and overall demographics in a litany of ways. First, due primarily to lower wages, families are postponing child birth. The uncertainty surrounding the future creates an atmosphere of fear. Families are now waiting until the economic climate becomes more certain before they have their children. Furthermore, the median income for middle class families has plummeted within the last 3 years. The median income for the average American household was roughly $51,000 in 2008. Now the median income is roughly $48,000. This creates problems as families are less apt to spend money are discretionary activities that form the basis of their culture. Holiday spending, for example has yet to reach its 2007 heights. Families are…… [Read More]

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Education Apex Middle School Part of the

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Apex Middle School, part of the wake county public school system in Raleigh, NC has implemented a rigorous curriculum for grades 6, 7 and 8. The curriculum for Apex Middle School includes the following: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, Health and Physical Education (Wake, 2003). The objectives of each of these programs are stated below. The Apex Middle School curriculum and objectives outlined in this paper are similar to the curriculum and objectives for most public middle schools in NC. How does this differ from the middle school curriculum typically seen in New York middle schools?

According to the New York State Education Department, the objective or mission of educators is "That all students will meet or exceed high learning standards at the elementary, middle, secondary and continuing education levels" (NYSED, 2003). Major reform is currently occurring in New York. These reforms will have the potential…… [Read More]

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Education Reforms Private or Public United States

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Education Reforms: Private or Public

United States education system is not at par with general standards of quality education worldwide. The problem lies with our school and college curriculum and lack of sound reforms in the area of education. Though every year, our administration declares that education reforms is at the top of its political agenda, still each year we fail to notice any changes in the school and college education. Not only is our curriculum faulty, we also do not have right degree of private participation in this field which is resulting in deterioration of education especially in state run schools and colleges. For this reason it is important to encourage private initiative in this area because public participation has not only failed to improve the standard of education, it has also resulted in intense public resentment. Many people feel that public funds must not be used to educate…… [Read More]

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Education Provision in England and

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" (Chan, East, Ali and Neophytou, 2002; p.6)


The work entitled: "Doing Comparative Education: Three Decades of Collaboration" relates the fact that the post-World War II world in England "left a series of emergencies for which immediate answers had to be found. There were shortages of staff, equipment and building..." (Eckstein, 1960) Eckstein additionally states: "Post-war legislation has generally been characterized by radical thinking and optimism. However, the euphoria brought by the end of a war is so often soon dissipated in the exhausting battle of the peace. At such a time, the ambitiously optimistic spirit of reconstruction may also be lessened. A more cautious planned expansion replaces the scheme for extensive reconstruction, ideas of reform have once again to vie with practices which are entrenched in the typical ways of thinking of a people. The educational legislation of the last five years or so has…… [Read More]

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Education Mcintyre Discusses Various Paradigms

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The rules of this paradigm are that government usually perform formal inquiries because they hope to establish trends for funding or new educational models, while social research does not have to follow these rules, instead, they study social problems and divides that affect adult and distance learners, and seek to solve those problems through social change and reorganization.

Finally, the paradigm that exists between the institution and the adult learner is often one of opposition, rather than support. Research shows that the institution has certain requirements or "rules" that the student must follow, such as number of credits taken, types of classes to take for a degree, and even counseling and number of lessons per course requirements. These all tend to serve the institution's needs and perspectives, while ignoring the needs and perspectives of the learner. This paradigm needs to change as well, because it does not create a framework…… [Read More]

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Education for Diversity Were You

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It is important to recognize the many different areas within adult education, and what type of students these areas attract. Ultimately, for the adult education department to be successful, it must attract a wide variety of students, and keep at least some of those students coming back to continue their education in order to be successful. Adult education serves a vital role in the upper education system, and it serves a diverse amount of people, but in most institutions it also has to support itself if not turn a profit, and that is an important aspect to take into consideration. Therefore, classes must be viable to the institution, but to the student, as well, to keep attracting a wide variety of students into the program.

In addition, diverse students could form a major foundation of the program, and so, it pays to understand these diverse learners so administrators and teaching…… [Read More]

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Education - Classroom Management Relationship Between the

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Education - Classroom Management

Relationship Between the Use of Behavior Contracts and Student's Ability to Stay on Task

An Introduction to Behavioral Contracting

In dealing with children, there are cases when a teacher encounters a child who does not behave in a normal way as other children do. For instance, a child may show constant inattentiveness to learning, or may demonstrate irresponsiveness to discipline. A child with such disruptive behaviors oftentimes requires special attention and monitoring as part of a process of modifying an unpleasant behavior into an appropriate one. One strategy used to deal behavioral difficulties of a child is Behavioral Contracting. From Family Education Network (online), the following is a definition of behavioral contracting.

A behavioral contract is a written contract that specifies the child's behavioral obligations in meeting the terms of the contract and the teacher's (or parent's) obligations once the child has met his or her…… [Read More]

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Education Reform in America Year

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E-mail provides ability for 'peer review' and editing of assignments whilst word processing programs enables students to creates their own ideas and documents. More sophisticated programs encourage inquiry-based learning where students explore new fields and format solutions in all sorts of creative manners to all sorts of fields. Computer also assists the teacher in that students can work independently at certain programs whilst others receive teacher-based instruction. In many ways, therefore, technology has become part of the school-based reform. (EdWeb.com)

After school programs

After school programs also called 'extra learning opportunities" (ELO) offer students a spectrum of enriching opportunities that go beyond their school day and regular education. Opportunities extend to subjects such as sewing, cooking, carpentry, ballet, drama, athletics, or small business enterprise. These not only indirectly improve student's academic progress but also enhance student's esteem whilst pointing them towards their special skills and enabling them to actualize their…… [Read More]

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Education Reflections on the Future

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Finding out about other peoples and cultures, through technology, will be an essential part of education in the years to come.

Numerous aspects of the current educational system will need to be improved in future years. The focus must be on children's individual needs and abilities. Today, standardized tests and general requirements frequently restrict students' opportunities to learn. Many youngsters do not get the attention they need, or the enrichment they deserve. Teachers often lack the necessary resources to prepare children for the real world, or to deal with children's real world problems. "Teaching to the test" creates its own difficulties for the educator, leaving many unprepared for atypical classroom situations. Young people have difficulties at home, or in their personal lives, and educators do not have the training to deal with these potentially serious problems. Disruptive and violent behavior can lead to tragedy. Children do not receive sufficient ethical…… [Read More]

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Education Part 6 Learner Outcome

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When this phase is complete, the assessment phase can begin.

Step 7: Assessment

Assessment will occur on two basic levels: informal and formal. Informal assessment will occur during the group work process, where each group is assessed for its ability to cooperate and learn from each other. A value out of 10 is assigned for each group, where higher values denote a higher level of cooperation.

Formal assessment will occur in two phases: by means of a class presentation and by means of written assessment. When all groups have finished their tasks, groups have the opportunity to present their documents orally to the class. Each group assigns a "speaker," who reads the document. Students are allowed to ask questions to clarify the information. The teacher then assigns a grade according to the number of clarifying questions asked and the general reactions of the rest of the class. This value, along…… [Read More]

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Education Effective Ways to Foster

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The traditional prototype was the employee driving to their place of employ and repeating the same tasks daily for thirty years. Today's workplace is dynamic and ever-changing and therefore requires the same of employees. Professional development, once an unknown and unconsidered concept, is now an integral part of any organization.

Yi has written an insightful piece. With each passing day the demands of the workplace increase. New types of jobs are created while other types of jobs disappear. For today's graduates a four-year degree is only the beginning of a person's educational experience. Training to update knowledge and skills will be continual throughout a career. For all of these reasons this makes Yi's article timely and relevant and adds to the growing body of research on the topic of adult learning. I expect this article will be both a basis for future research as well as a reference piece for…… [Read More]

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Special Ed Understanding and Educating

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Reading, writing and arithmetic skills can be expected to progress at a different rate, but these skills are essential to self0sufficicincy and are arguably more important in a special needs classroom for this reason. A departure form mainstream educational goals and methods would likely be seen in the more practical elements of instruction; the teaching and practice of certain life skills would not be necessary in most mainstream classrooms but would be invaluable to many special needs students. In addition, heavy emphasis should be placed on teamwork and self-directed activities that coordinate to achieve a larger goal. This will help students with any type of disability in learning to use their available assets effectively with others in the community.

In Brooke County, West Virginia, there is not an extensive program evident for special needs students. Several schools in the Brooke County School District have Autism mentors on staff, and several…… [Read More]

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Education There Are Three Main

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While popularly associated with the advent of web-based technologies, DE is not a new phenomenon (Ragusa et al. 2009, 679)." The author asserts that during the nineteenth century many universities had correspondence programs. These programs remained popular for many years because they were different from more conventional learning environments. At the current time, distance education is driven by the pace of technological change and such changes are occurring globally in a manner that is rapid and complex. There are currently more than 130 countries in which institutions of higher learning provide students with distance courses (Ragusa et al. 2009). These courses often have as a foundation new information and communication technologies. The author also explains that

"In Australia, DE has particularly been embraced, at institutional and policy levels, as a means of extending higher education to rural, isolated, and often structurally disadvantaged learners (little or no access to a reliable…… [Read More]

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Education Both Maya Angelou and

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What school integration and political correctness have accomplished pales in comparison to the continued harm inflicted on students through class-based educational tracking. Moreover, Angelou in particular points out that some schools in America are inherently underprivileged. The Lafayette County Training School "distinguished itself by having neither lawns or hedges, nor tennis court, nor climbing ivy," (17). The all-Black school was in disrepair, its students cut off from the sources of power and prestige conferred on the white schools. Told that their school would not receive improved academic facilities but new pavement for the athletic courts, the students at Lafayette were not offered any other options.

Educational tracking doesn't just affect curricular content, it also affects who young people socialize with. Who children socialize with in class become their friends outside of school, where youth learn social cues and make connections with other members of the community who may reflect the…… [Read More]

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Education Reading Disorders Reading Disabilities

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In order to build an age-appropriate vocabulary in the English language, ESL students must learn words at a faster rate than normal (Lipka, Siegel, & Vukovic, 2005; Drucker 2003). This results in a widening gap between the reading and comprehension levels of ESL and non-ESL students if the needs of ESL students are not addressed (Lipka, Siegel, & Vukovic, 2005).

Some ESL students come from a native language that poses more difficulties than others. For example, Russian and Arabic have alphabets that look very different from the English alphabet. Children must learn an entirely new coding system in order to proceed (Lipka, Siegel, & Vukovic, 2005). Even when the alphabet is similar, the English language is difficult to learn due to the many inconsistencies in tense and individual word use. Because they may not be conversationally fluent, subtleties of the English language may take some time to master (Palmer, El_Ashry,…… [Read More]

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Education Factors Relating to the

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According to a British Study conducted on all students born in the first week of March 1958, and following them through adolescence and on until the age of twenty-three:

There were no average differences between grouped and ungrouped schools because within the grouped schools, high-group students performed better than similar students in ungrouped schools, but low-group students did worse. Students in remedial classes performed especially poorly compared to ungrouped students with similar family backgrounds and initial achievement. With low-group losses offsetting high-group gains, the effects on productivity were about zero, but the impact on inequality was substantial." (Gamoran 1992)

As Gamoran points out, grouping or "tracking" tended to accentuate a student's skills or lack thereof. High-ability students benefited from segregation, but low-ability students did even worse than before. And while low-ability pupils received no benefit whatsoever from the tracking system, neither did their schools. The net gain in performance among…… [Read More]

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Special Ed the Integrated Co-Teaching

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Case Study 2

Cherise's math-related anxiety is only partly due to her being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Many of our students demonstrate math-related anxiety and do not have any identifiable learning disability. Therefore, the plans used to help Cherise might also help other students, too. The outbursts that Cherise is exhibiting can be addressed by framing math differently for her. If it appears that Cherise needs to be taken out of the mainstream math classroom to receive specialized instruction, then that might help reduce the acute outbursts and behavioral problems. Because Cherise has become self-injurious, it is crucial to address this matter immediately and if necessary, remove her from this particular classroom.

The plan for Cherise will include assistive technologies designed for mathematics instruction. By reframing math as a fun and engaging learning activity, Cherise will eventually be less anxious in a mainstream classroom. The tools used to teach…… [Read More]

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Special Needs Intervention

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Special Needs Intervention

Client Profile

Brenda is a seven-year-old second grader that has been identified as dyslexic. She has significant delays in pre-literacy and numeracy skills have been identified through both formal assessment and performance in classroom activities. Work samples demonstrate that Brenda has difficulty sequencing and recognizing word phenomes and putting them together for reading and writing activities. Brenda does not demonstrate the ability to recognize phenomes in words. Brenda frequently reverses letters and/or the whole words when performing literacy tasks.

An interview with Brenda's teacher reveals that other than her problems associated with dyslexia, Brenda's development and functioning is on target with a majority of her peers. She tends to display shyness and introversion when called upon in class to perform activities associated with literacy and numeracy. She is polite and participates actively in class activities. She is a pleasant child and normally social with her classmates. She…… [Read More]

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Education-Higher Higher Education and Rankings Identify Key

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Higher Education and Rankings

Identify key business goals

Education is a business in the sense that it involves customers (students) who receive a satisfactory product, namely an education that is, hopefully, both intellectually enriching yet also marketable in the 'real world.' College rankings in the media have an impact on how a degree is perceived by potential employers.

Thus it is the stated goal of the CA State Los Angeles President that the president will attempt to increase the 2003 CSLA's USNWR performance rating of the third tier to the first tier, over the course of the next ensuing years of the school's existence.

Identify individual performance goals

To improve the university's rating, the median SATs of entering freshman as well as the attendance of desirable accepted students must increase. Also, less quantifiable but other attributes that rankings attempt to measure such as overall student satisfaction, and prestige of…… [Read More]

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Education Need for Study Roles and Responsibilities

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Need for Study

Roles and Responsibilities of Assistant Principals

Historical Perspective of Assistant Principal Roles

Prior and Current Research Studies of Assistant Principal Roles

Assistant Principals and Use of Instructional Leadership

Transforming Assistant Principals into Instructional Leaders: Key Obstacles

General consensus indicates that the role of the assistant principals should move beyond its traditional clerical and disciplinary heritage to evolve to instructional leaders that deal with curriculum development, teacher and instructional effectiveness, clinical supervision, staff development and teacher evaluation. Yet, historical and current research shows that there has been little change in the assistant principal occupation since its origin in 1920. This paper uncovers research that tries to reconcile why the role change that practically everyone seems to want to happen hasn't been that quick to occur. As these reasons are better identified and understood, perhaps the twenty first century will see a positive transformation in the role of…… [Read More]

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Education Human Resource Frame Cuban

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' Standardized test preparation also takes time away from creative activities that can really engage students with learning, and may even better reinforce skills needed in business, like critical thinking, writing, and working with others. Often teachers know better than administrators or managerial professionals what is needed in their classroom. One of the problems with education is that although schools superficially seem to be structured on a hierarchy similar to a corporation with a board of directors, not all managerial principles apply to schools. Schools are not factories and students are not end products. A teacher may know better what a classroom needs than a principal, a principal may know better the challenges of his or her school than someone comparing the school's results to a very different institution in another county. Finally, slashing costs is not the ultimate goal of the Board of Directors, as it is in a…… [Read More]

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Education No Child Left Behind

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What works for one child is not necessarily going to work for the next. So how can one promote the use of standardized tests as the only way to measure educational learning and success? The premise of the No Child Left Behind Act is very honorable. Each child should be taught by the best teachers that there are and each school should be held accountable for making sure that this occurs. But the measuring device that this act relies on is faulty. It places so much emphasis on the scores of the tests that all of the other educational ideas are being lost among the numbers.


Beveridge, Tina. (2010). No Child Left Behind and Fine Arts Classes. Arts Education Policy

Review. 111(1), p4-7.

Caillier, James. (2010). Paying Teachers According to Student Achievement: Questions

Regarding Pay-for-Performance Models in Public Education. Clearing House. 83(2),


Derthick, Martha and Dunn, Joshua M.…… [Read More]

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Education Ethics in Education Research

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Most of the time research results are often used as the basis for a lot of other research. If a particular piece of research is done in an unethical way or has a hidden agenda to it then the ramifications of this could be very widespread.

Research must be designed and carried out so that it is as accurate as possible. Many times there are important things in people's lives that hinder on how a particular research study turns out. Another big implication is that particularly with educational research, there is usually a major university or institution that is sponsoring the research. If research is done poorly or with any major flaws then this ends up reflecting upon whoever sponsored it. This is one thing that these institutions and universities do not want to happen as it ends up doing damage to their reputations. A school with a bad reputation…… [Read More]

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Education Describe Your Most Important

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How are these expectations communicated to your students?

I communicate my expectations to my students in written and verbal form when possible. At the beginning of each lesson, I hand out the overview of the lesson, which outlines the key deliverables and points of assessment. This helps students understand exactly what I will be looking for, and provides them with a focus for their learning experience. I also send students periodic updates when necessary, if my expectations change or if I want to check-in with students.

How would you promote these expectations during instructional time?

During instructional time, I promote my expectations of the students differently depending on the lesson. I try as best I can to provide examples of what I am looking for, so that students are clear about my grading parameters. Moreover, I promote instructional expectations sometimes by showing why the lesson is relevant to the students'…… [Read More]