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Special Education for Exceptional Children

Exceptional children have intellectual disabilities thus require special education different from the ordinary facilities and infrastructure of education. The economic implication of educating these kinds of children can be very high save for the fact that they require specially trained teachers and education facilities. The purpose of my project is to fund the poor and average exceptional children who cannot afford to pay for the special education (Battistone et al., 2016). Therefore, after the purpose of my project, my non-profit organization will be called Support Special Education Foundation.

In the U.S, the population of children with learning disabilities is around 34%. This is approximately 7 million students. My organization will serve around half of this population given that there are those who can comfortably afford to pay for their special education. My NGO is qualified for the education grant (Breathwaite, 2004) based on my aim to support and facilitate special education in order to empower the lives of these students despite their intellectual disabilities.

Exceptional Children face many difficulties in trying to study. Their intellectual disabilities make it hard for them to learn at the same pace with normal children. Nonetheless, they require education for their personal empowerment ("Division of International Special Education and Services", 2012). Despite this, many parents are unable to enroll such children in special education due to financial constraints (Breathwaite, 2004). Because of these reasons, I believe my NGO is eligible for the education grant. Furthermore, the NGO has three main objectives:

· To fund special education for children from poor backgrounds

· To empower exceptional children through important social programs such as sports and special societal groups

· To ensure proper learning conditions for exceptional children by providing requisite facilities that are able to meet their intellectual demands and conformity.

Support Special Education Foundation is focused and determined to achieve these goals. In fact, my NGO promises to work towards delivering these goals.


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